April Lecture

Wednesday 4 April

Knights in Shining Armour dressed: Art, Battle and Pageant

Nigel Arch, retired Director and Curator of the Royal Ceremonial dress collection at Kensington Palace, reveals the role of the knight from battlefield to tournaments and pageants, from Norman horsemen to Richard III’s troopers.

He will look at the development of the armoured knight from the time of the Battle of Hastings to the seventeenth century, when armour was finally eclipsed by new technologies. He will consider the concept of chivalry and the practice of jousting and the tournament. We will see the revival of interest in the middle ages and the knight in the nineteenth century and how this was expressed in memorialising the dead of the Great War.

Lectures at 2pm and 8pm at the Digby Hall, Hound Street, Sherborne

Everybody Welcome!