Committee Meeting Wednesday 18 January 2018

  • The Wessex Young Arts Golden Lecture on ‘The Expanded Body’ took place at Yeovil College on Tuesday 7 November 2017. Linda Smith delivered a riveting lecture on ‘How the human body works in modern art’ along with accompanying vibrant images. Almost a hundred students were present along with Andy Rollo, Vanessa Hallam, Mary Jacobsen, Elizabeth Bennett and myself. As agreed, Area paid the lecturer’s travel expenses and £175 towards her fee. We paid £195.  We were able to get publicity in the Sherborne and Yeovil copies of the Western Gazette as well as the Blackmore Vale thanks to Elizabeth Bennett’s efforts on our behalf. Hopefully this has helped to raise the TASS profile. I’ve sent black and white images taken by two College students to the Wessex Area who wish to publicise the event at the Artsfest in April.
  • The Willows Mural project is taking shape. I attended a meeting with Jamie Clark and Matron at the Yeatman Hospital on 27 November and we had a most constructive meeting in which it was decided that the subject would be a landscape reflecting the location of Sherborne in its environment. The SI students will work on their designs this term and implement them in the summer. Meanwhile Matron will arrange for the breeze block wall to be rendered and undercoated. The Friends of the Yeatman will fund the materials and I’ve promised that we will arrange publicity. Matron is delighted that we are setting up this project.
  • The Wincanton Primary Collaborative Project is progressing. Joan Biles met the Deputy Head to discuss the practicalities of the venture and to get clay tests under way and then on 8 December I attended a meeting with Barbara French from TAS Mid Somerset and senior management at the school. We discussed the support we were able to offer. TASS has agreed to pay £100 towards materials and Barbara said that her society was prepared to further fund the Joint Venture with £500 i.e. £100 towards materials and the remainder as an honorarium for Joan Biles as our Coordinator. This is a complex endeavour which involves everyone at the school in producing a pebble pot. Joan will use her expertise to train the staff who will help in the pot production for the water feature which is now in situ. The kiln has been serviced so Joan can get started this term. Jane Findley, Chairman of Governors, is very pleased that both societies are able to support in different ways and we all look forward to its progression. The school will provide photos at each stage of the process. It will be good for TASS Young Arts to collaborate with another Wessex Arts Society and receive publicity.
  • Golden Jubilee Books Project: Further to my October report I contacted Dominic Riley on the subject of an animated books workshop. He referred me to a lady who lives near to Devizes called Lori Sauer. I’ve spoken to her but she does not have experience in working with children as she usually runs adult workshops, so I contacted The Roche Court Educational Trust. Having spoken to their Head of Education it’s possible that we can set up at Primary stage a pioneering in-house workshop which is aligned to their Articulation programme. As you know, Sherborne Abbey Primary School were promised a follow-up project and I will be discussing this wonderful opportunity with Head of Art, Cindy Douch early this year. The financial implications are £120 for the workshop with £40 travel expenses. This expenditure would be within our Young Arts remaining budget for this financial year.
  • Area: I’m meeting with YA Day Coordinators in February to help with the organisation of the Wessex Young Arts Information Day. I’ve been asked to design a report form for Wessex Young Arts Primary Projects which Sherborne Abbey Primary School kindly trialled for me. This will help in the planning of future Arts Society Young Arts projects.
  • In order to raise the profile of Young Arts we are considering having photos of past TASS projects on display at the March lectures if the Committee would like this.

Jean Wadsworth YAR                                9/1/2018