March Lecture

Wednesday 7 March

Giles – his Life, Times and Cartoons

Barry Venning, a published historian of British art, examines Carl Giles, satirist, war correspondent, cartoonist for The Daily Express.

The cartoonist, Carl Giles, once said that he loved his creation, Grandma Giles – that fearsome, black-clad, gambling, drinking battleaxe – because she allowed him to say things through his cartoons that he was too polite to say in person. She helped him to poke fun at authority in all its forms, from Hitler to traffic wardens and even his employers at the Daily Express, who didn’t trust him and had sub-editors scouring his cartoons for subversive background details.

His admirers included Prince Charles, Sir Malcolm Sargent and Tommy Cooper, and it was no surprise when he was voted Britain’s best-loved cartoonist in 2000. He was, as his editor John Gordon put it, “a spreader of happiness’ and ‘a genius…with the common touch’.

Lectures at 2pm and 8pm at the Digby Hall, Hound Street, Sherborne

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