Report on Study Day held on 15 March 2018

New York:Art and Architecture with Eveline Eaton

We spent a fascinating ‘Day in New York’ with Eveline showing us how the city has grown with changing styles of architecture from old churches, similar to our own, to modern deconstructed skyscrapers. We learnt about the first skyscraper, the race to build the tallest, Art Deco, the architects and the planning regulations to ensure sunlight reaches street level.

Eveline constantly used a map of Manhattan to place these buildings in their surroundings and to show us how to link them with well known landmarks – Central Park, Broadway and Grand Central Station.

For the area devastated on 9/11 we looked at the new buildings and saw the designs for future development.  This has invoved architects from all round the world incuding Bjarke Ingels from Denmark and Thomas Heatherwick from England

We were shown the outside and inside of The Metropolitan Museum and The Cloisters Museum and followed the changes in artistic styles influenced by Europe, the Far East and the New World. On to a house, now the Frick Museum, with its paintings displayed in beautiful rooms. A good contrast with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum, a beautiful structure, but circular walls are not ideal on which to hang paintings! Then  Eveline took us to the Museum of Modern Art with its 200,000 works of art, we only saw a few!!

We saw the views from the 2-mile long High Line Walk to Hudson Yards where Heatherwick’s designs for a different style of city living are being built. This ended our day in which we learnt so much from Eveline about New York and left us all feeling that there was so much more to see and do in this vibrant city.