Jasleen gave us a fascinating insight into the development of Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and Sikh religions.

She emphasised the details on sculptures and reliefs for each religion followed by video clips for us to see how these were used on temples. This was such a good way to relate the small with the large and showed how the temples are used today.

Jasleen introduced us to the very colourful of Indian textiles with their history of trade and production. Fabrics, cotton, silk and wool : dyes from plants : printing from wooden blocks and resist as in batik.  Many images showing regional variations were clearly explained and the  help now being given to ensure that traditional production methods survive. Then we saw the  latest fashions using Indian textiles with family groups all dressed up in their best.

Our afternoon gave us the chance to handle textiles and small sculptures as we chatted in groups trying to work out ‘What’s this made of?’ and  ‘Where was it made?’  Jasleen concluded our wonderful day by telling us if we were right or wrong!

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