Urgent Call for New Committee Members

Members who attended the February lecture will have heard my plea for new Committee Members who are urgently needed.

We are hopeful and almost certain that we may have a Treasurer, but we still need a Secretary, an Afternoon Membership Secretary and someone to work the projector for the afternoon.

Without these people the Society cannot function. Being on the Committee is hard work, but it is also fun, and you get to know others which is splendid. Many members have already been on the Committee, and we thank you. This is OUR Society, and without those people who give their time in so many ways, we will have NO Society.

The Committee has come to the following decision:

  • Unless, before the next Committee Meeting on 21 March, we can find all three posts of Treasurer, Secretary and Afternoon Membership Secretary, as well as the projector post, the Committee will be discussing the possibility of closing down the afternoon session.
  • We would then begin the evening session at an earlier time, either 6.30 or 7pm, hopefully to accommodate most of the afternoon members.
  • We would therefore have only one session of The Arts Society Sherborne, and there would have to be a fixed number of members, as the Digby Hall holds only 300 people. Membership of the Society would then be on a strict first-come-first-served membership basis and, if needed, we would have a waiting list.

This would be implemented for the 2018-19 season, starting in September, if this decision has to be taken. The Committee cannot see any other way forward. The Committee has a majority of evening members.

Could you volunteer to fit any of these roles? Please contact me if you can help.

Thank you.

Mary Jacobsen